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1. 12 Python Snippets That Will Boost Your Productivity

  • The itertools and collections are very useful, they have high performance functions that can help you save a lot of time in optimizing your code.
  • By applying a simple trick, build an interleave list is much easier than I think

2. 25 Github Repositories Every Python Developer Should Know

3. DeepMind Combines Logic and Neural Networks to Extract Rules from Noisy Data

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  1. For a 3 sets tennis game, would you bet on it finishing in 2 sets or 3 sets?
  2. I have a square, and place three dots along the 4 edges at random. What is the probability that the dots lie on distinct edges?
  3. You have 10 people in a room. How many total handshakes if they all shake hands?
  4. Two…

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1. Indicator selection and stock return predictability, by Zhifeng Dai , Huan Zhu

2. Forecasting stock prices, by Arie Harel, Giora Harpaz

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1. 16 Must-Know Bash Commands for Data Scientists

2. 4 Tricks for Making Python Pandas More Efficient

3. 22 Code Snippets That Every Python Programmer Must Learn

4. Should we “reject” Reject Inference? An Empirical Study

1. DataPrep v0.3.0 has been released

  • Practice coding: Do at least 3 coding questions per week from the book Daily Coding Problemof Alex Miller and Lawrence Wu.
  • Learn Scala programming: should spend 2–3 hours per week
  • Learn SQL: tbd
  • Write Clean Code and Unit tests: should review codes that I have written.

  • Buy top stocks that have best most-recent-N-day returns
  • Buy top stocks that have best…

It’s a backtest looks like

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