Weekly Readings 31st/May-6th/Jun/2021

Interesting news/blogs that I read during a week.

Honeysuckle — Flowers of June

1. 16 Must-Know Bash Commands for Data Scientists

It is a good article for people who begin to work in Linux/MacOS environment.

The author is fairly an excellent engineer and a good blogger: his articles are simple, clear and useful to everyone who wants to get familiar faster with Python.

2. 4 Tricks for Making Python Pandas More Efficient

It’s very interesting for Pandas fan (all Python programmers, I guess)

3. 22 Code Snippets That Every Python Programmer Must Learn

This is cool stuff for Python beginners.

4. Should we “reject” Reject Inference? An Empirical Study

At the moment, I’m building a credit scoring model with banking customers dataset. It was very interesting to me when I heard about the term reject inference, the technique that we treat with the rejected customers to enhance the model accuracy.

It’s better if you read academic papers about reject inference because you can learn more technically. The research papers that I learned are from SaS’s resource (a famous firm implemented the technique in their software product) and from a researcher’s good paper. I’m happy to share their link as below: