1. 12 Python Snippets That Will Boost Your Productivity

I learned some interesting things from this blog, such as below:

  • The itertools and collections are very useful, they have high performance functions that can help you save a lot of time in optimizing your code.
  • By applying a simple trick, build an interleave list is much easier than I think

2. 25 Github Repositories Every Python Developer Should Know

Learn from Pros is always a good strategy. I find some good repos which are perfect for me to learn Scala and advanced Python.

3. DeepMind Combines Logic and Neural Networks to Extract Rules from Noisy Data

It’s good to me to understand what Googlers have achieved. They always play role model in the AI world. The example in this blog is simple and clear to explain how the model works. I hope that I can find deeper understanding in their published article.

4. 5 Python Books to Transfer Your Code to The Next Level

This week I had some interesting discussions with a colleague which is an senior machine learning engineer in my team. He helped me realizing that Python is a great program language that has many application in computer science and tech industry also, and I should focus improve my coding skill to the next level. That’s why I feel this blog is useful to me. Definitely I’m taking a look at the books the author recommended.



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